Positive Life

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E – B x2
I believe in good things tonight
And tomorrow for it I will fight
Every morning I wake and I think
It’s a second chance
Just be the best version of yourself
Make something new every day
Even when it feels like everything
Is falling apart

F# E
We have to think today
It’s a perfect day
F# E B
Because theres something new in every day
F# E B
Try to live all your moments with happiness
F# E
And dress your face
With the best smile ever
E B F# E B
A negative mind will never give you a positive life
E B F# E B
A positive life will never give you a negative mind


Make a change and take a wish again
New ideas will save the world
When something goes wrong don’t cry because
You’re losing time
Don’t care about a bad yesterday
Create the future is the best way
The only tears in your face will be of joy
You’re so nice


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