In this sentence, we will explain how you can use the C chord to play a song, but you can also use a C# chord or a Cmaj7 chord too, you know?

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Some random chords

Full shortcode
jTab code
[cchord id="c_sharp7"]
[cchord id="b_v2"]
[cchord id="g_2p"]
[cchord id="d2-david"]
[cchord id="c_a"]
[cchord id="em_v2_w"]
[cchord id="b"]
[cchord id="csus2_alt2"]
[cchord id="c_m_add2"]
[cchord id="em_g"]

This is the page where you can add (or delete) custom jTab chords, which could be used if your desired chord is not on the list of standard jTab chords.

Here are some examples of already added chords and if you decide you’ll add your own chord, we will display similar codes already saved in the database, maybe you can use some of them.

Shortcode id is how you will use the chord later: [cchord id=”your_id_here”] and can contain only letters, numbers and dashes.
The jTab code is the actual chord code that will be used through the shortcode and the pretty name is, well, just that – a pretty name.

(You can see the preview of each chord if you move your mouse over it’s row in the table)