A Moment to Thank the People That Made All the Difference!

Justin is a great guitar teacher. I learnt a lot from him when I decided to pick up the guitar again. I thank him a lot for the passion he puts into his lessons that inspires me to grow every day as a guitarist.
One of his advice to learn guitar was to create your own songbook. And that’s what I did. Thanks again Justin.

Tijs Krammer is the creator of this beautiful chord font. I started working on this website when I came across his work.

Paul Gallagher is the creator of this wonderful library that made chord notation possible on this website.

Phillip O Neill is an excellent web developer and designer. His technical skills are of the highest quality and can produce a complex PDF library from scratch. His ideas, vision and passion could help your website to be more appealing and user-friendly. His technical skills are only a small part of the picture though, his personality impressed me deeply: he never gives up and this turned out to be the key aspect in this project. Thanks again Phil for making my dream come true.

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